Figma Charming Drossel

So I stopped reviewing for various reasons. Slowly but surely yet erratically, those reasons have been eliminated. Until finally, I have the last component necessary to vanquish all those reasons… an AIR CONDITIONER! Basically, my living condition and lifestyle’s been getting in the way of reviews. But I finally got enough assorted stuff to compensate these shortcomings or distractions. The only thing that can possibly stop me now is laziness. So anyway, Figma Charming Drossel.

Right off the bat, I’ll say that… well, she’s okay. If you’re a Drossel nut, sure, she’s pretty good. But she’s very fiddly feeling for a Figma.

Sculpt and paint wise, she’s as good as you would expect from a new Figma Drossel. There’s a slight scratch in the paint on her right leg on mine that I didn’t notice at the shop. “Fortunately”, this seems to be a factory “defect” (it’s more of an understandable imperfection). I say “fortunate” because it means I didn’t accidentally scratch it whilst sticking her little wheeled feet on. Meaning the paint is relatively scratch proof as long as you’re not ham-handed. There’s also a healthy lack of fingerprints on her despite my handling of her. So that’s good. Perhaps her surface has been given a coating of some sort?

The only nitpick regarding her paint that I can think of off hand is that the joints of her fingers aren’t individually painted (as they were on the Chogokin).

Articulation’s beyond normal Figma levels. Since her design already gives her double jointed elbows and knees, well, that’s what you’d expect from her no? But this being Figma, those double joints are actually fake. Instead, they house double Figma joints. That’s absolutely brilliant. Figma joints are already pretty good, since they exceed the range of the regular type of swivel hinges you see on say, a typical Hasbro Star Wars figure. So having double Figma joints is like having double double barrelled shotguns. It’s double the double. Double Squared. It helps that Figma joints are flat, so they camouflage very well within these faux joints, as opposed to sticking out like say, a Revoltech joint would. That said, Charming Drossel has regular double universal ball jointed shoulders that are kinda fiddly in getting to look right. Also, her arms in general are fiddly. It’s a tad too easy to knock her arms about while posing her.

Oh, and she can’t stand for shi… cra… err, she can’t stand for “poo”. I mean, stick those fakey wheel feet on her and she can stand upright, but that’s it. You need her Figma stand for all your upright poses. And the dimensions of the ports and pegs for those faux wheeled feet are wonky. The port on her left is just right but the one on her right is a tad too small to comfortably fit those faux feet on.

So unlike the original Figma Drossel, she’s going to be a bother to pose with your other figures. That’s to be expected, we all knew that would happen when we saw the original promo images for the second season of Fireball, but it still sucks.

But I’ll end on a happy note. Since her hair is Figma jointed, it can bend significantly more than say, the Chogokin version could. So Charming Drossel can really put her hair down, thus saving us from the ridiculous “hair boner” look she’s usually sporting. It should also look better once her vehicle, Josef, arrives on shelves.

Accessories-wise, Figma Charming Drossel is more impressive than the Chogokin counterpart. Figma Charming Drossel has a bitchin’ staff, a rice cooker robot, a cape, glasses, a bunch of alternate hair attachments and the usual Figma array of extra hands and stand and plastic baggy and stuff.

Overall, Figma Charming Drossel is a good display piece. But I doubt she’s going to be the “Queen of Toys” that her original version was. Get her if you’re a Drossel fanboy and you understand that the design for Charming Drossel was never particularly toyetic despite the obvious joints. But this isn’t something to get a friend hooked on Figma. This is a connoisseur kind of toy.

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