Transformers Construct-Bots

Hasbro is coming out with a new line of Transformers that is basically a rip off of Lego’s Bionicle, called Transformers Construct-Bots. There’s going to be 24 initial releases across 4 price points.

Here’s a link with some pictures at TFW2005.

Personally, I think I like it. The one big “problem” I have with Bionicle is simply that I just don’t like the look of ’em. I sorta like the look of these Construct-Bots though. Despite the spindly arms which follow the Bionicle aesthetic, these guys seem to have solid and “kibbly” torsos. Meaning their bodies are generally solid pieces rather than skeletal like Bionicle, and have traces of what their alternate forms could be, thus giving them a “theme”. And of course, there’s the regular Transformers heads. I’m not sure I dig all their facial expressions, but at least they have character.

There’s going to be 4 price points/sizes, though all will be compatible. Scouts will retail for 9.99 USD, and will include Ironhide and Starscream. From the looks of it, they’ll have hinges and ball joints at all the major points, which means you’ll get a pretty articulated lil’ figure with the Scouts. Looks like transformation will be done through parts-forming, but that’s okay, since these are Bionicle styled rather than Kre-O style, it means you don’t have to do complete re-builds. Starscream almost looks transformable by himself, although he’ll most likely be just another parts-former. But I like that they LOOK like they could be regular Transformers.

The second price point will be the Elites, which will retail for 14.99 USD. They’ll have Soundwave and Wheeljack. They look to be more of the same with the Scouts, only presumably they’ll be the size of Transformers Deluxes and possibly have a slightly higher parts count than the Scouts. I’m iffy on Wheeljack on account that I don’t see him offering anything exceptional, so my purchase of him will depend on my finances at the time, but I totally wanna get that Soundwave.

The third price point is arguably the most interesting. They’re the Tripple Changers, and will retail at 24.99 USD. I’m not sure how large they will be. Possibly only the size of Voyagers based on their price. At first I thought they’d only be as big as the Elites but come with more parts so as to form third alternate forms, but from the look of the pictures, that doesn’t seem to be the case. So they’ll probably just be larger but are designed with polymorphic attributes. They’ll have Bumblebee and Blitzwing.

The final price point is Ultimate, retailing at 34.99 USD. This will feature Megatron and Optimus Prime. While their pricing isn’t too bad, at the same time, I don’t see what’s so special about this price point. At least the Tripple Changer level will offer multi-forms. The Ultimate figures don’t seem to be any more complex than any other price point. So this is the one I’ll likely skip unless I fall in love with the line.

Honestly, I’m excited for these guys. And the idea that you could mix and match parts is gonna be intriguing. After all, these guys are just going to be parts-formers anyway. Take a look at Starscream for instance. While most of his body is used for his alternate form, his arms are just sticking out there. Meaning they’re superfluous. So, just give him the arms and head of a different figure and you’d have a new character who is still “transformable”. Personally, I’m probably just gonna leave the arms off for Screamer’s alt mode.

But yeah, I hope this will be a line I’ll fall in love with and that it becomes successful if I do. I’d have preferred less skeletal limbs, but that’s a look that’s been pioneered by Bionicle, and is a great way to cut cost on plastic usage.

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