You know what the problem with reviewing Transformers have been? At one point, they’ve all been so good across the board that there was simply nothing to talk about. Every figure had neat transformations, were fully articulated and looked fantastic. So in the end, reviews got repetitive and not worth doing. They were all too flawless… Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Laserback fixes that.

Alright, let’s get the big conclusion out of the way first. Laserback isn’t necessarily a bad toy, but he IS very mediocre at best.

Coming packaged in “Dragon” mode, Lazyback looks more like a reptilian owlbear, which is cool. Alas, due to the limitations of the design, he’s forever looking downward in beast mode. He’s otherwise pretty articulated for a beast, although his beefy proportions make him a clumsy figure to pose.

Transformation is just standing him up on his hind legs and folding his head into his chest. It’s not a complicated transformation, and indeed, is rather unsatisfying. Oh, and you’re forced to do some parts forming with him. The spiney back HAS to be removed if you want to fold his tail up so as to properly extend his pelvis. And it’s kind of pointless to do the latter because there’s very little aesthetic change from doing so, since the legs can’t really be straightened out for a more humanoid look. It does increase his range of hip motion a bit but eh, not to any significant degree.

Robot mode looks pretty much like beast mode, only standing up and having a head where you can barely make out any features because of the purple paint apps splashed across Lazyback’s face.

Articulation is pretty good though. It’s the same as the beast mode’s but less gets in the way so he has a wider range of motion.

His ability to hold his accessories is rubbish though.

All in all, Lazyback isn’t bad per se, but you’re really better off just buying one of the remade Prime Deluxes.

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2 Responses to Laserback

  1. He look reeeeeaaal neat! If you got a twitter follow me so we can discuss beast hunters! Im autobot airblast!

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