Super Robot Chogokin Dai Guard

Rocket puuuuuuunch!

Got this guy for… well, not for a cheap price, ’cause his shipping was crazy yo. Review-ish after the jump.

I’m still working out the kinks post-photobucketlist/lypse. But onto Dai Guard himself, he’s from the Super Robot Chogokin line. A “budget” version of the Soul of Chogokin line. Honestly, they’re not that cheap but hey, at least they’re cheaper than what the SOC line has become. Aside from the advantage of coming into the market with a higher level of technology than it’s predecessor, SRC also sizes nicely with Robot Spirits and S.H. MonsterArts.

Aaaaaaanywho, Dai Guard’s a good SRC. He’s got loads of metal and several boatloads of accessories. While he’s generally too heavy to do high kick stances, his legs are so big and heavy that he’s able to stand solidly even while bending way backwards. Articulation’s otherwise solid, if limited by the fact that he’ll probably more often than not be posed with his feet firmly planted to the ground. Dai Guard’s aesthetic design is old school cool without being a retro tool/fool.

All in all, it’s a figure I’d recommend if you can find it for cheap, or at least at a really good shipping rate. Dai Guard’s just a cool looking but not particularly mainstream kinda fella. He’s more on the tier of your Gear Fighter Dendo guys. So he’s more for enthusiasts who like cool designs.

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