S.I.C. Negataros

For the organization!

Surprisingly, this guy seems to be under the radar in the world of toys. Which is weeeeird. I mean, he’s a pretty minor character in the grand scheme of things, but this figure barely appears on Google. Anyways, here we’ve got Super Imaginative Chogokin Negataros. This guy was the 2009 exclusive figure for S.I.C.

The character first (and so far last) appeared as the main villain in the one of the numerous Kamen Rider Den-O movies; Climax Deka I believe. In it, he was (presumably) an Imagin (monster-men from a possible future) who bore a striking resemblance to Momotaros (one of the main heroes). Hence, he’s the Negaduck to the good guys’ Darkwing Duck. Basically, he had a reversed color scheme to the good guy and significantly bigger horns.

That’s pretty much represented in this toy. If you have the S.I.C. version of Momotaros, you’ll note that Negataros’ basic sculpt and structure are the same. But the head and just about all the “plating” are new sculpts. So, for an “evil twin” toy, he’s got some pretty extensive remolding. Negataros has a mouth opening gimmick/articulation point and his eyes have the potential to capture hella light. I mean, I haven’t managed to properly capture it, but if the light catches his eyes, they become hella bright red.

This guy doesn’t come with much, but he’s a really impressive looking figure with pretty decent articulation. If you can find him for cheap, he’s worth a pick up. He would make an excellent villainous centerpiece. I think his original price was about 5775 yen (and the yen was strong back then), so try to get it for cheaper than that.

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