Transformers: Prime :Beast Hunters: Cyberverse Commander Trailcutter

He’s the forcefield guy.

We’ve had Grapple (aka Solar Storm Grappel) and we’ve even got a pretty good Hoist from a repaint of the first live action movie’s Longarm. But if there’s one character that fans have waited almost 30 long years for, it’d be a “proper” Trailbreaker. Now, granted, this guy here is just a remold of Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Ironhide but we are getting a “proper” Deluxe version of Trailbreaker later on.

Waitaminute here, ain’t this review about TrailCUTTER? What’s this TrailBREAKER nonsense? Well, Trailcutter’s had a lot of names over the years. Being a forcefield specialist, he’s normally not known for his direct combat skills, despite being an Autobot Commando. But when he does put up his dukes? Ooooh boy, he’s usually the one to lay ’em out. Hence his monicker as “the Autobot who lands the FINAL PUNCH”. He’s also known among other names, as “the Autobot who gets to decide if you live”, “a force of nature”, “an apocalypse on legs (a variant replaces “legs” with “MagnaWheels”)”, “the furious sound of syphonic brutality”, “smackdown”, assassinator”, “Conkiller”, “Animated annialator” and “the junction of your destruction”.


So, onto the toy itself, as mentioned, it’s a remold of TFP:CC Ironhide. So the basic body is good. He’s exceptionally articulated for the Cyberverse line, with ball jointed shoulders, hips and ankles, in addition to hinged shoulders, knees, elbows and ankles. Trailcutter’s hips are also nicely firm, giving him much stability.

Due to the guns molded on his shoulders and short, sharp blades (spoilers) on his forearms, Trailcutter is a tad more playable than Ironhide, despite having somewhat fewer accessories. Whereas Ironhide had 2 miniguns that could be combined (ala the live action movie-verse Ironhide), Trailcutter has a spikey gun with a pressure type fire mechanism.

Overall, Trailcutter’s a good pickup. You should pick him up. He’s good.

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2 Responses to Transformers: Prime :Beast Hunters: Cyberverse Commander Trailcutter

  1. Awesome! Im gettting him!

    • updatedude says:

      Nice. He’s a good toy. Of course, I feel Cyberverse toys are a tad overpriced, so if possible, snag him during a sale? I have a feeling he’ll be a slight pegwarmer, despite being a good toy.

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