Hauliday 20130413

I still function!


So I got the fella above and I’ve been fiddling with him, because he is very fiddly indeed. Review to come whenever. But the short of it is, if you’re a Classics collector or you need your G1 animation accurate Megatron toy right now and don’t want to wait for a possible/probable MP redux of Megsy, then this guy is barely (but still kinda sorta) worth it.


But honestly, the thing that’s occupied me these two days is the Mugenbine. This pirate set comes with a lot of universal joints, thank fucking god. Now I can give my Evobine proper hips.

Oh, and I also got the Kre-O Predaking set thingy.


Ultraman Nexus: Junis type is cool looking and all, but I’ve been busy playing with my custom Mugen Pharaoh to get into him much. His upper torso joint is rather loose, so I stuck a piece of plastic around it and now it’s perfecto.


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