S.H.Figuarts Scorpion Zodiarts

With a name like Scorpius, Draco’s kid is probably gonna grow up as a member of SPECTRE (fitting then that Harry’s kid is James).

So over at FigureFan Zero, he’s been doing reviews of hot chicks like Frosta and the statuesque Wonder Woman. So I figure I’d get in on the whole sexy siren shebang as well. Enter Scorpion Zodiarts. The first mid-boss in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Unlike Frosta and Wonder Woman above, Scorpion Zodiarts doesn’t rely on skimpy outfits to capture the hearts and minds of those around her. Instead, she uses her wholesome image and pretty demeanor to hide her true nature of, well, being a bitch basically.

Anyways, check out the insane amount of detail on her sculpting that you totally can’t see because I’m terrible with lighting. But trust me, there’s a lot of details. And those clear crystal bits positively shine when they (easily) catch the light.

Articulation-wise, Scorpion Zodiarts is quite good despite her design. She’s able to do the back leg lift thingy to simulate her signature scorpion pose fairly well, but unfortunately, her neck can’t crane up to complete the effect. You can get around this by tilting her head to the sides though. Which simulates the pose but at an angle. Like so:

Oh, and the little pincer legged dread-locks she got are individually articulated. Which is neat.

Accessories-wise, she comes with her mantle, of which I was not inclined to take pictures out for this review (out of laziness, I assure you).

For some odd reason, perhaps because she’s a villain, the Scorpion Zodiarts is not only not selling well, but she’s entering some sorta clearance phase. The one I have for review here is actually my second, because it was selling for too cheap for me not to buy it. If you don’t have any Figuarts and would like to try one, try Scorpion Zodiarts. Now seems to be the time to grab her on the cheap.

And she’s totally worth it. She’s a really nice figure who should fit in many a collection.

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