S.H. Figuarts Rising Ultimate Kuuga (Dark Eyes ver)

Look at me! I’m important to the mythology!

FigureFan Zero just did another review, this time of an insectoid biped. Not to be outdone in the heroic bugman category, I present to you, Rising Ultimate Kuuga (Dark Eyes ver), who is technically a heroic bugman, except this is the version of when he was a mindless mook for the bad guys.

So this figure’s an exclusive and he’s one of those few S.H. Figuarts exclusives that never really got cheap. He’s stayed relatively expensive on the aftermarket and frankly, he’s not worth the money (unless you’re some weird Kuuga completist).

Oh sure, he looks pretty. He’s so goldy and spiky. Why, you’ll find yourself constantly pricking yourself with this fellow, which is a good thing. And he’s fairly articulated, I mean, he is a Figuarts after all. Being articulated is kind of their thing (unless they’re Figuarts Zero).

But at the end of the day, he’s going to cost you a pretty chunk-a-change, and considering your options, he’s probably not worth the moolah. If you think he’s pretty, then by all means, track him down. The yen’s weak right now, so this is a good time. But as far as Figuarts go, he’s strictly middle to middle-upper tier. Which is to say, he’s still a good figure, just not the best in a line with some of the best engineered action figures on the market right now, especially when you factor in his price tag.

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