Reaper Bones II: Kickharder

Reaper Bones II continues to be less exciting and give it’s supporters less value than the first time around. Don’t get me wrong, again, it’s still a good deal they’re offering, especially if you live in the US of A.

As of this writing, they’re nearing 1.7 mil and have now introduced a second “Expansion” set. I like the Expansion idea. Expansion #1 is reasonably good value. For 50 bucks, you get 35.5 minis, many of which are on the larger side.

The Core Set is where Reaper’s being underwhelming though. The selection given by the Core Set is at this time, kinda flippin’ dull. Interesting stuff like Mouslings and the Kraken and the Jell-o Cube are all add-ons. Unlike Expansion #1, which has a mix of generic and out there stuff. Of course, the main “problem” is the lack of new stuff promised for the Core Set. Everything’s going into Add Ons and now, Expansions. At a quick count, and not even counting stuff like the paints and case, there are around 60 figures for the Add Ons, which consist primarily of larger or more appealing minis. While the Core Set has around 110 (give or take).

From the look of things, by the end of this Kickstarter, we’ll get a similar deal to last time. Around 200 minis for the Core Set, for a pledge of 100 bucks. The difference is, the figures will lean more on the smaller size, there’ll be less variety in the sense that most will be humanoid shaped, as opposed to some of the far out stuff from last time, you’re gonna pay quite a lot more for shipping if you don’t stay in the US and there’s the feeling that the guy you just did business with is a tad mercenary this time.

In other words, you’ll get a good deal, but no longer a great deal.

Of course, this is all just speculation and guessing on my part. And the more pledgers there are, the better the deal will be.

Here’s the link:

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