Double Bootleg Review: Daylight & Earthquake


So I saw these bootleg Transformers while walking around a supermarket. There’s 3 of ’em. One that looks astonishingly close to G1 Megatron (Earthquake), one that’s based on the same body but is modified to look like Optimus Prime (Daylight) and another that’s modified to look like G1 Bumblebee. The Bumblebee one had a squished head and awful looking abs, so I skipped him and got the other two.

Yeah, yeah, I know. These are probably bootlegs of some 3rd party company’s design, which is of course, ironic. Since the 3rd party company’s knocking off the Hasbro/TakaraTomy intellectual property. Anyways, as for whether or not these are good, well, read on after the jump.


As is my method, man; I’m gonna just give you whatcha’ want upfront, ya dig? Are these two knock offs any good? Well, yes… and no. They’re good for what they are and what I paid for ’em, but they do have at least one MAJOR flaw. C- if these were regular toys, but adjusting for the fact that they’re KOs, I give ’em each, a B.

Before I continue any further, I wanna talk about the boxes for a bit. I don’t normally talk boxes but these are some primo boxes. They feel really high quality and the robot art on the side and back have fantastic shiny accents. Oh, but just so you know, the boxes do mention die-cast, but that’s a bold-faced lie. There’s no metal on these guys outside of the screws and pins.


Okay, since both these guys are essentially the same, let’s talk about their differences first. I mean, there are only a few diffs, so we might as well get it out of the way. Earthquake, the Megatron looking one, is Megatron. He’s the base, so not much to say there. But Daylight, the Optimus one, has a new head and abs. The head looks cool from the front but is totally hollow, as can be seen from the back. This is easily fixable as all I’d have to do is stuff some modeling clay in, so I’m not docking any points for that. The abs are made to look like Optimus’ grills, which is awesome.

Of course, the most noticeable difference are the colors. Daylight is done in original Diaclone colors, but between the head design and the blue, I’m gonna confess that he’s actually my first pick, as he’d make an excellent Reverse Convoy.


Okay, now that we’ve got the differences out of the way, let’s talk about these guys by category now. As these are bootlegs based on a much smaller toy, the main points aside from the usual sculpt and articulation talk would be the plastic quality, tolerances, and in this case, size. So let’s get to it.

Plastic Quality
Plastic quality is good, especially for KOs. They don’t have the same feel as a real TF but they’re adequate. They don’t feel super tough but tough enough, since it’s not like I’ll be rough with them.

Joint Tolerances
This is middle of the road. Maybe a little less. Decent for bootlegs but well, some bits are a bit loose out of the box, especially the waist connector. Those can be fixed though. Earthquake’s left bicep is rather loose but that’s not an issue as it simply means it’s easy to extend out in robot mode.

This is actually a pretty important category. One big reason I decided to grab these guys is their size. Standing at 5.5 inches, these guys fit in perfectly with Deluxe Transformers.


I paid approximately 6.25 USD for these. Now I’d buy that for a dollar!

Now for more conventional categories. Such as sculpt, colors, articulation etc.

Sculpt & Colors
Daylight as a gaping hole behind his head and there’s a bit of free floating shellformery kibble on both their backs, but otherwise, the sculpting’s top notch. The faces are beautiful and the paintwork is surprisingly crisp for cheapo knock offs. Colors are fine. Earthquake could do with a more G1 Megatron accurate color scheme for his abs but it’s okay for a KO and I absolutely love Daylight’s Diaclone Magnus style colors. In person, it’s a really deep blue too, whereas in my photos, the blue’s a bit lighter. Either way, he’s gonna be my Reverse Convoy.

Here’s where we start hitting the bumps on the road. Remember when I said there’s a MAJOR flaw to these guys? Well, aside from their joints having generally limited ranges of motion, they have no f***ing knees! Looks like they were meant to have ’em too, but that’s where the bootleg budget was ultimately cut. It’s not the end of the world but they coulda been contenders if they just had f***ing knees.


Transformation & Alt-mode
Confession time, I didn’t try and I’m not inclined to. Messing around with them a bit, the transformation seems reasonably complex yet doable, since these are based on a 3rd party company figure. But I’m not really inclined to transform ’em. I’m content to leave them in robot modes.

Taking into consideration that these are KOs and what I paid for ’em, they’re actually pretty damn good (except for the f***ing knees). If you’ve got the Classics Deluxe Prime, Earthquake’s a great stand-in for Megs. And as I’ve said, Daylight would make a good Reverse Convoy.


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