Zombieland Saga #1


Let’s change things up a bit with an anime episode review shall we? A smidgen of spoilers after the jump as I reveal the premise of the show.

Alright, let’s get this out of the way. Zombieland Saga is not an edgy shounen zombie-pocalypse series, as I thought when I read the title, but rather, it’s Idolmaster with a zombirific twist.

Now, as is my style, I’ll just tell ya the important thing of whether the show’s worth watching or not, right off the bat. And I would say, for Zombieland Saga episode 1… yeah, it’s worth getting the whole episode just for the OP alone. The rest of the episode is okay. You’d probably love it if you’re into the whole Idolmaster genre though.

Okay, so here’s the thing, I’ve never gotten into the whole Idolmaster thing. I think I saw some anime in the early days with some faceless producer dude or cameraman or whatever, and it didn’t jive with me. So when Idolmasters and its clones started flooding out, I didn’t bother with them. But I recognize a couple of the tropes lampooned in Zombieland Saga. For instance, there are scenes where the main girl seems to have romantic feelings for the producer, which, spoiler alert, is always just a lead-in to a punchline. And I’m thinking, yeah, that’s totally lampooning an Idolmaster-type trope, since as I understand it, the producer in these shows are the creepy audience stand-in. But even outside the lampooning, Zombieland Saga has its moments. Some are predictable but no less valid.

So yeah, to reiterate, episode one is probably worth a watch. So go on, watch it.

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