Power of the Primes: Titan Predaking

The internet has lied to me!


So according to the internet, which has never steered me wrong before, this Predaking sucks. But now that I’ve finally got the fella in my hands, and it seems the internet is full of bullcrap. My faith and mind and soul have been shattered by the FALSEHOODS that were spewed unto my person.

PotP: Predaking ROCKS. He’s totally radicularly AWESOME as a Combiner. In fact, I dare say that he’s perhaps the best Combiner, period. This is based on my somewhat extensive yet limited experience with Combiners. I have for instance, the original Energon Maximus Combiners, Power Core Combiners, Combiner Wars Combiners, and I had the old Toybiz Voltron, as well 3rd Party stuff like Hercules and even KOs like the Jinbao OS Warbotron and OS Nero Rex, on top of various odds and ends. And about the only Combiner I have that’s even remotely in Predaking’s league is Power Core Combiner Heavy Thread + the Iron Factory Iron Army combo. Admittedly I don’t have any Soul of Chogokin Combiners or Super Sentai stuff.

But my experience has been extensive enough that I’m confident in saying that Predaking here, is pretty much one of the best, if not best Combiner that’s readily available and relatively affordable on the market right now.

So, let’s talk about the lies that the internet have told you about Predaking, the actual bad stuff about him and then come back around to the good stuff.

The internet would have you believe the following things about Predaking. That he doesn’t look good. That his waist is tiny. That there’s a huge hollow gap on his back and that he’s not articulated. Lies, lies and more lies! Predaking looks awesome, he has wonderful proportions. Unlike say Feral and Nero Rex, his limbs are not super fat and restrictive. Although he has birthing hips, his waist is slim but not tiny, as there are flaps that can be folded out to increase the thickness of his waist. The gap on his back is not especially noticeable and honestly, it’s a frikkin’ Transformer, they have gaps and hollowness. Predaking’s is not even noticeable except from specific angles and only if you’re looking for it. As for the articulation, that’s the most absurd claim of all. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Now, the actual bad stuff about Predaking. In combined mode, there’s only a few nitpicks. For instance, I wish the wings were bigger. Maybe the back could be filled up more but again, these are just nitpicks. They’re hardly bad enough issues that Predaking should get points docked for them. The individual robot modes are average for the most part. And the animal modes are underwhelming to say the least. About their only saving grace is that they’re retro. Predaking basically sacrificed both his individual robot and beast modes in favor of the combined mode.

And so we return to the good stuff. We’ve talked about Predaking’s looks, so I’ve only got two things for ya. One is the combination itself. It’s friggin’ beautiful. Predaking’s parts don’t just snap on via Com-boners like with every other Combiner, be it the Energon Maximuses or the Combiner Warriors. Instead, Predaking has a lot of sliding and tabbing going on. He’s very much like a basic but solid Super Sentai combination, but with articulation. If you’re a Super Sentai mecha fan and you despair that they’ve still been designing and producing the same bricky design from since the 70s, and that the only “improvement” has been the convolutedness of the combinations (I’m looking at you, G12), then Predaking is basically what you’ve been dreaming of.

Finally, let’s talk about the articulation for Predaking. This is pretty much why Predaking is objectively the BEST Combiner. I mean, looks, that’s subjective. I’m sure there are those who prefer the Obari proportions of Feral Rex. Or the industrial nature of Warbotron. Hell, I’m sure there are those who are into the Revenge of the Fallen Devastator, complete with the wrecking ball scrotum, because they suck. But not a single one can hold a candle to Potp Predaking on the simple ground that he handles like a beaut. Handling Predaking is like handling a regular action figure. Combiners have a tendency to feel like they’re falling apart when you handle them, and sometimes, that’s precisely what they do. Then there are Combiners like Feral Rex, that look good and technically have a lot of articulation, but their limbs are simply too heavy and they can’t really support themselves. It becomes a major hassle to mess with them.

But not Predaking. He’s easy to put together, doesn’t have that “shake” when you grab him and doesn’t fall apart even when I violently shook him. Yeah, I tightened some joints to fit my personal preference, but even without it, he was able to strike all the poses in this review easily, EASILY. Predaking’s a Combiner but he feels like just a regular action figure and that’s what places him in top tier.


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