End of Gridman


So I watched SSSS Gridman #12 last night. Here’s my take on it. Major spoilers ahoy-hoy.

So, Gridman ended and it was pretty much a happy ending on all fronts. So color me surprised that while I was randomly browsing through the intertubes, and saw someone’s clickbait title was that the ending was SAD, and that confused me. Because yeah, there were some sad-ish parts in that the characters bade each other farewell. The saddest of the farewells would have to have been when Rikka told Akane that they’d hopefully never have to meet again, because in context; Akane is GOD and she created the world of mortals to hide from the reality, that is the world of Gods. Though they loved each other, by never meeting again, it meant that Akane would be able to face and overcome her troubles, rather than practice escapism.

Upon Akane leaving the world of mortals, life went on. People still had free will. They still lived and grow and evolved and had children. In fact, the world’s a little better than our own, since it’s an idealized world. Gridman for his part, returned with his companions to the Hyper Realm. As for Akane, she’s worked through her issues and now has the resolve to face reality, and if all goes well, then yes, she’d never see Rikka again, but she would be stronger and happier for it.

The End.

Unless of course, it WASN’T a happy ending. What if it WAS a “sad” ending? But how can that be? Sure, there’s some bittersweetness, for parting’s such a sweet sorrow, but we saw that everyone got to go on with their lives. Except… the final scene was Akane awakening. So what if… when she awakened… they disappeared? After all, we didn’t see their lives continuing AFTER she woke up. She was still asleep when their lives continued on. She was simply out of the narrative of their world.

And that’s when I realized… Akane is Azathoth. And everything began to make sense. For Gridman was Nyarlathotep with his many forms. And with his cadre of cult-like “friends”, he seemingly helped humanity. He seemed to care for humanity. But in the end, he wrought about the end of all things. SSSS Gridman is a failed campaign of Betrayal at House on the Hill. By the end, we realized that Yuta was possessed by a Hyper Dimensional Entity (Cosmic Horror) but by then, it was too late. We welcomed Gridman and helped him bring about the apocalypse. All we had to do was let the Infernal Alexis Overcop leave in peace, and the world would have been safe forever. People could have still gone on with their lives. Remember, Gridman himself, could have healed the world at any time with his Fixer Beam. There would have been no negative impact by letting the “villain” win, but instead, Gridman forced the issue and set the stage for Azathoth to awaken and slip the universe into oblivion.

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