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Prepare for Trouble, and Make it Double (part 1)

As I was perusing a local Toys R Us earlier in the week, I happened these little monstrosities: Pokemon Cheebees. I thought to myself, “Pokemon vinyl figures? That almost makes sense,” and snapped up all four of them right then … Continue reading

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The Moofia Does Not Exist (part two)

Bulletto is the Clint Eastwood of the Moofia. As you can see, he likes to squint. He also likes big guns. He’s lacking in chimpanzee sidekicks, but he makes up for that with two sentient shotgun shells at his side. … Continue reading

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The Moofia Does Not Exist (part one)

When I was at A-Kon last year, there was a booth there that was selling urban vinyl. I’d liked the stuff for awhile, but never quite had the cash to “justify” taking the plunge and buying what amounted to a more-expensive-than-usual … Continue reading

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Here Comes A New Challenger!

Landon here. I posted a few Mighty Mugg reviews on Turquoise Version awhile back, but never got back to to the toy reviewing thing until now. Got some new goodies that I plan on reviewing, along with a few older … Continue reading

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Star Wars Mighty Muggs: Grand Moff Tarkin and Count Dooku

AKA: The Hammer Horror Wave

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Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 4

The Fantastic Four, minus one.

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Proof of Some Sort of God Existing, or, the 2008 Academy Awards

Why did this year’s Oscars prove that some sort of intelligent and benevolent cosmic force akin to God exists? It isn’t because No Country for Old Men, a movie one can genuinely call “best movie of the year,” won Best … Continue reading

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Sayonara Zetsubo-Sensei (Season 1)

***1/2 Situational comedy is a great genre in and of itself, but rarely do you see sitcom-esque anime that is as smart and socially-aware as Zetsubo.

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