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Pic of the Day

So I figured out all I needed to do to fix all my exposure woes with my camera was to use Manual Exposure Mode. Well, that’ll save some headache in future pictures. Meanwhile, have a picture of some screenshots I … Continue reading

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S.H. Figuarts Sakura Kasugano

I know what you want to know. Yes, her underwear’s red. You sicko.

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Pic of the the Day

What I’d really like is to talk SSSS Gridman, but haven’t been in the zone. So here’s a pic I just took.

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Pic(s) of the Day

Ragnarok and Roll

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Pic of the Day

Boomtubes into your MCU, wat do?

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Double Bootleg Review: Daylight & Earthquake

So I saw these bootleg Transformers while walking around a supermarket. Figured I’d review ’em. Continue reading

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Kickstarter Reaper Bones (miniatures)

The contents of the first 2 (of 6) big plastic bags. Some bits needed the hot water treatment and the giant’s sword looks like it’ll always bend downwards. And of course you probably can’t see all these guys but oh … Continue reading

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