Kickstarter Reaper Bones (miniatures)

The contents of the first 2 (of 6) big plastic bags. Some bits needed the hot water treatment and the giant’s sword looks like it’ll always bend downwards. And of course you probably can’t see all these guys but oh well, you get the general gist.


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S.H. Figuarts Rising Ultimate Kuuga (Dark Eyes ver)

Look at me! I’m important to the mythology!

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Blanka Hooves? Derpy Jimmy?


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S.H.Figuarts Scorpion Zodiarts

With a name like Scorpius, Draco’s kid is probably gonna grow up as a member of SPECTRE (fitting then that Harry’s kid is James).

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Hauliday 20130413

I still function!


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Transformers: Prime :Beast Hunters: Cyberverse Commander Trailcutter

He’s the forcefield guy.

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My Little Pagan


Little Witch Academia is pretty much Rule 63 Harry Potter with some inversions here and there. Straightforward but decent little ep. Art style’s totally like that girl tripping through town anime or well, Gainax. It IS by Trigger after all. Looks like this is where they spent all the animation and character design funding from Inferno Cop.

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