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Hauliday (incomplete) 29 and 30/10/2010

First, a thanks to Wes from Scary Crayon for hooking me up with some Prince of Persia and Terminator: Salvation toys. The Prince Dastan is rather iffy now that I have him in hand though, especially since Hasbro’s really been … Continue reading

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Hauliday 20100429

Safeguard is decent if you’re getting ’em on sale or clearance. Bruticus is an awful color scheme on a sorta decent mold, but I got it on sale, so eh.

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Webdiver Galleon

It’s hard being a Chinese dragon(boat) pirate. You keep going “ALLL!” when you mean to go “ARRR!”

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CryoShock & Friends

Just a review-less gallery type post.

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Transformers Animated: End Game

Short of it, it was a decent ep that ties up all the loose ends while still allowing for a possible sequel. I’m sure there’ll be some who’ll say it’s not great, and in all honesty, it’s not. But like … Continue reading

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TF Animated Battle Begins Prime

Death is the right of all Optimus Primes!

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Animated Waspinator

Waspinator so happy. Waspinator is going to be in movie! What’s this? Movie will be directed by Michael Bay? Oh sh- MA-BA-PLOSION!

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