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Hauliday 20130413

I still function!

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Pics of Today

FYI, and it’s not just that I’m biased, but Mecha Guignol has been having some pretty good updates. If you’re an anime fan of discerning taste, I’d recommend going there. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more updates from Scary Crayon, … Continue reading

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Weaksauce Preview

Another cop out, BUT it has a preview of what’s to come.

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Weaksauce Post

It’s not a cop out… technically, well, yes, it is. But hey, pics!

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Play with Toys

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Links and Pics

Check out Articulated Discussion’s Thursday Reviews segment, where a linked list of the week’s reviews are available for your easy perusal. Also, I couldn’t get the whole Pharaoh set for Mugenbine Anubis, but fortunately, I overpaid for the Mugenbine Ashura … Continue reading

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Mugenbine Anubis

Like DEATH itself, Anubis stalks. From the very shadows, he speaks, and when you hear his dreadful voice, you shall tremble, for your end is nigh. Hear the word of Anubis, and know your time on this world is no … Continue reading

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