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Insectoid Bipeds

Alright, so one of them’s technically an arachnoid.

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Couple pics

Funny story. My country’s banned from posting on 4chan. Can still view, but can’t post. That’s kinda awesome. When you get banned from f-friggin’-chan, you know you’ve arrived.

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Poll: Marvel Universe

I’ve gone and took some pictures of RotF Mindwipe, not very good, but they’ll have to do. A review’ll be forth coming once my connection stops sucking. Now, to all you guys who comment on this here blog (all 2 … Continue reading

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MU Spider-Man & Captain America

Heil Hitler! …in America!

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Hauliday 20090726

Yeah, got a couple pre-orders (Revoltech 073: Gloomy Bear) and a red Alternity Suzuki Swift. But those are coming later, the plasticrack I’m shooting up are:

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