Well, what’s the fuckin’ point of ya’ then?


I read the above link and was initially just gonna do a short Facebook post linking to it, but as I wrote my thoughts on each of the character changes, I couldn’t help expounding in greater detail and finally thought, yeah, fuck it, let’s just go whole hog and turn this into a blog post. You’ll notice how I go from brief acknowledgement to full on rant-mode as the post progresses. Fun times. So without further ado…
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Oh, here’s an old song I kinda sorta wrote. I should get around to finishing the lyrics sometime.

According to the file properties, I wrote this waaay back in October 16th, 2010.

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Thundercats Roar (Pilot: Exodus Pt 1 & 2)


So I just saw the 2-part pilot of Thundercats Roar, and this show was an absolute pile of Continue reading

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Pic of the Day


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Fortuna (2nd Jan ’20)


So here’s what I had this evening, on the way home from work. It’s a lil’ place that used to be called “Fortuna” but as I take its picture for this post, I see the sign doesn’t seem to be there. Maybe I’m just dumb and I’m taking the pic from the wrong angle. But that’s what the place is called. It has a few shops but this evening, as in most evenings that I happen to come here, I’m here for the “economy rice”.

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Hello there. I was going to make a new blog and post this. But then I thought, nah, I should do something click-baity if I’m going to do something new. Like, Mandalorian Season 1 (What they won’t tell you). But then I got lazy and decided to just use my old blog instead. So we’re back to this post that I originally wrote. Fair warning, it’s not a toy thing. It, or rather, at least one of the 2 follow-ups to it, may have some “heavy” content. Going forward, this blog’s probably going to have more stuff than just toy reviews. We’ll see.

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End of Gridman


So I watched SSSS Gridman #12 last night. Here’s my take on it. Major spoilers ahoy-hoy.

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