Reaper Bones II: Kickharder

Reaper Bones II continues to be less exciting and give it’s supporters less value than the first time around. Don’t get me wrong, again, it’s still a good deal they’re offering, especially if you live in the US of A.

As of this writing, they’re nearing 1.7 mil and have now introduced a second “Expansion” set. I like the Expansion idea. Expansion #1 is reasonably good value. For 50 bucks, you get 35.5 minis, many of which are on the larger side.

The Core Set is where Reaper’s being underwhelming though. The selection given by the Core Set is at this time, kinda flippin’ dull. Interesting stuff like Mouslings and the Kraken and the Jell-o Cube are all add-ons. Unlike Expansion #1, which has a mix of generic and out there stuff. Of course, the main “problem” is the lack of new stuff promised for the Core Set. Everything’s going into Add Ons and now, Expansions. At a quick count, and not even counting stuff like the paints and case, there are around 60 figures for the Add Ons, which consist primarily of larger or more appealing minis. While the Core Set has around 110 (give or take).

From the look of things, by the end of this Kickstarter, we’ll get a similar deal to last time. Around 200 minis for the Core Set, for a pledge of 100 bucks. The difference is, the figures will lean more on the smaller size, there’ll be less variety in the sense that most will be humanoid shaped, as opposed to some of the far out stuff from last time, you’re gonna pay quite a lot more for shipping if you don’t stay in the US and there’s the feeling that the guy you just did business with is a tad mercenary this time.

In other words, you’ll get a good deal, but no longer a great deal.

Of course, this is all just speculation and guessing on my part. And the more pledgers there are, the better the deal will be.

Here’s the link:

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Pewter Ponies Kickstarter

Look, I know I haven’t posted in forever and probably lost all my readers by this point. Like ALL of them, I’m afraid to check, but hey, if anyone’s still here and you’re a bro who likes ponies, here’s an interesting Kickstarter for Pony Minis.

I was pretty excited and wrote a whole actual post for this, until I read the Pledges more closely. It’s an okay Kickstarter, worth looking at, but not for me personally. Still, check it out.

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Reaper Bones Kickstarter II: Punchstarter

Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones!

So Reaper is doing another Bones Kickstarter. Like the first one, it offers a LOT for your pledge of a hundred smackaroos. As of this writing, you get about 100+ minis for your $100 pledge.

If you’re not interested in the Core Set ($100 pledge) however, you can simply pledge 1 dollar, which will let you be elligible for the Add Ons. See, in the original Kickstarter (and this one), you could pledge extra monies for stuff on top of the 200+ minis the first Bones Kickstarter came with. Like an extra 10 bucks for a clockwork dragon or 18 bucks for a bunch of paints for your minis.

If you pledge just 1 dollar this time around, you’ll be able to do stuff like add on 10 bucks to get a buncha Mouslings or 15 bucks for a Kraken! or whatever Add On strikes your fancy.

Not only that, but there’s also an expansion set costing 50 dineros, which will have it’s own set of figures and stretch goals. It differs from the Core Set in that it has greater emphasis on larger figures, which are typically add ons.

So for $150, you can get (as of this writing) almost 120 minis, some of which are representatives of pretty large creatures.

All in all, like the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter, it’s pretty good value…

Unless you’re an international pledger, then you’re kinda boned (pardon the pun). International pledgers have to pay the actual shipping cost as opposed to a flat rate the last time around. Which is reasonable, since the flat shipping rate last time was a mere 25USD for a 200 figure set. Reaper probably suffered a loss there, so I’d be willing to pay more this time around. Problem is, they don’t tell you how much is “actual cost”. There’s not even any guesstimations based on the last time. For all you know, you’ll be paying more for shipping than the actual product, on top of VAT, customs, taxes etc.

The good news is, they say they’re going to declare the value of the package based on what you pledge, not what you pledge + shipping, so you might be able to dodge customs if you just get the basic Core Set and Expansion (depending on your country’s rates). They’re also going to maybe hopefully eventually come out with some sorta shipping calculator.

So all in all, this Kickstarter will probably still be a great bargain, but for international supporters, not nearly as great as it was before. But hey, for how many minis you’re getting, it’s still fantastic value. Especially if you live in the US.

This campaign has great value… well, not as great value as the last time. For one thing, there seems to be a lot more by way of Add Ons this time around. Where in the first Kickstarter, Add Ons only constituted a fraction of the character selection, as of this writing, the Add On to Core Set ratio is about 1:2. Around 50 add ons (not counting paints) to 100+ core set. Add ons are still good value, but not great value. Especially if you’re not a role play gamer. It’s not like they’re special units in a board game.

But wait, that’s not all, the Expansion set is pretty much the Core Set, only not as great a value but still better than the add ons.

So tl;dr, Reaper Bones Kickstarter II is a great deal, especially for US residents, but Reaper’s pretty much milking it and cutting corners to give you LESS value than the last time. Again, lemme repeat, this is still a fantastic deal. It’s just that in order to turn a better profit, Reaper is trying to give us less bang for our buck.

But hey, they’ve only been on a couple days. Maybe once this Kickstarter starts hitting higher numbers than before, the Core Set and Expansion will expand to such a size that it’ll offset the “less value” Reaper is offering this time around.

Unless you’re an international supporter, then you’ll just get boned even harder on the shipping and additional charges.

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Hauliday 20130510


S.H.MonsterArts King Kong, yeah, he’s excellent for a puny giant monkey/ape.

S.H.Figuarts Riderman and Den-O: Liner Form (aka the dumbest looking Den-O form). Both are good. Riderman’s got good tolerances, although I noted a bit of silver stuck to his fore… limb thingy, when I detached his forearm. Den-O’s good as well. It’s just that Liner Form’s always been his dumbest looking form.

S.H.Figuarts Virgo and also a pack of double ball joints.

Ultra-Act Jean Killer is just… there. I mean, sure he’s cool, but it’s not like he’s a significant character. But otherwise, yes, he looks good.

Blitzwing, who I turned out to really like once I fix the face gimmick issue and found a work around for the shoulder issue without having to sands bits of plastic off. You just clip the supper shoulder bits a bit lower, rather than relying on the “U” tab. His transformation’s neat.

Springer is so good, he’s almost kinda boring. He’s way too perfect. Blitzwing I handled for hours because it took that long to get used to his peculiarities. But Springer only got like, 20 minutes tops because there’s nothing wrong with him, so there’s nothing to mess with. Heck, his transformation’s way way easy, yet doesn’t feel weak. He’s just too perfect to the point of kinda sorta boring.

Both are great toys though. Great proportions. They make me feel like a kid again with their chunkiness.

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Hauliday 20130511 (partial)


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Motion to stop.

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The Muppet movie we need

You know what we need? No, not another Muppet movie. We need an Avenue Q movie. Like, just adapt the Broadway show to the big screen, complete with the swearing and racism (because censoring the racist bits would be completely missing the fucking point).

Then we can have like, an original story for the sequel. But yeah, money where my mouth is, if they ever make a movie of Avenue Q, I would totally go and watch it.

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